Selfishness Is A Virtue


Selfishness, when applied under the right circumstances leads to benevolence. I am aware that selfishness gets a bad reputation as a notion, but being selfish is actually quite beneficial not only to your well-being but to your overall environment.

The word is usually associated with narcissism but we are at a point in time that we are actually more tribal in terms of associating our ideology. I have been tracking the events in the past couple of years, and the ideological divide has been created due to us, as individuals lacking the self-assurance that usually leads to a fulfilling life.

We as a group have totally forgotten what it’s like to be an individual. The social media barrage of this day and age have made us more reliant on the endorphin inducing stories, scared by fabricated myths that are being told by both verified and unverified entities. We have lost all sense of individuality and with it our very own curiosity.

Our identities have been attached with the expectations of many and not our very own reality.