Obstacles or hardships are different in everyone. In my honest opinion obstacles are absolutely needed for us to create spirited individuals. Challenges in the first world is obviously different than that in the third world, but they always result in one thing which is the creation of something we can proudly say is ours.

In the Red Pill community, it has been said that we cannot run away from this. We must face our challenges head on. As we grow from dependent creatures into independent adults; it is imperative that we acknowledge the fact that the world is not here to cater to our needs. There are certain complexities that will be thrown our way from time to time. At this moment we actually start molding our character.


A strong character is one of those concepts that is universally respected in all cultures. No one wants to associate themselves with sissies and wimps. We want to surround ourselves with capable individuals at all times.

This need to be surrounded with a strong supporting cast with strong characters stems from our dire survival  days. This trait ingrained and programmed for millions of years to maximize our chances of survival. As of now our version of survival is way different than what our ancestors had to endure. The main obstacles they had were against creatures, harsh environment, and biological diseases. Compare that to what we consider as obstacles nowadays which are money and finding purpose.


People are no stranger to the daily struggles of people in the third world. With that said, many in the west will never grasp the situation and properly put it in perspective. That is until you live in one and actually observe it first hand. It is one thing to visit a poor country as a foreigner but when you live it is when you finally makes sense of it all. The citizens of the third world do not have the luxuries that we in the west benefit from. This starts with running water to civility to access in information.

Many in the third world are barbaric but they are merely running on the same biological and psychological script that our ancestors ran during the harsher times. Simply put, they don’t have a choice but to abide by the laws of nature. The luxuries that we have in terms of freedom is not present in their current environment.

So the women have to women, that is they have to be nurturers, and the men have to be men which usually mean protector and provider. They don’t have time for silly identity politics.


Compare that to the first world problems that our youth are trying to tackle.What kind of gadget should I get? Will this dress make me look cool? When a little poor brown boy is trying to think of his next meal, this thought will not even cross the minds of the people in the first world. I am well aware of the poverty that exist in the west, but this is incomparable to the poverty from the rest of the world.

Westerners usually have a safety net that at least gives everyone a chance to live another day. Nets such as government food stamps, universal healthcare, well-off charities, and other luxuries people on the west take for granted.

All these safety nets allow for one to dabble in different opportunities available to westerners such as fighting for equality, or fight racism or some other useless fights.


A life without obstacles is a life not worth living. It’s a boring, joyless existence. It is not something someone should really be proud off. One of the advantage of living a strenuous life is that you get to tell amazing tales, and you get to experience it. You won’t be needing to make anything up. You live it, you tell it,and it makes for one fascinating individual.

If you want to improve your life, just live a life that is full of obstacle, just go after a challenge, find one yourself. But these have to be within reason. Don’t go creating a problem that you will try to fix yourself. The obstacles should present itself naturally and you must be ready to tackle them. The world doesn’t need anymore drama queens. You are not a reality TV show. Such as mentioned above, fighting for equality when in reality there’s been no better time to be an opportunist in the west.


Unfortunately there will hardships that will be definitely push us to our limits, such as an illness or tragedy. These are things we will never be able to predict or anticipate but one must have the character to overcome these as well. A resilient will and desire goes a long way in traversing this very unpredictable life of ours.