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Welcome Adulthood

welcome to adulthood



I am currently in the process of bettering myself as an individual. Yours truly is by no means a great individual in the league of great men like Genghis Khan or Theodore Roosevelt, heck even Stalin.

The main topic I would like to discuss on this post is the individualism we can develop in terms of progression. We ought to really look at ourselves from time to time and re-evaluate what we are, who we are, where we are at. Fortunately for most of westerners we are afforded this opportunity and must really dig deeper for a greater understanding of ourselves.

On this blog post you will find various concepts that will hopefully enrich your lives and the people around you.


Apathy is one of the quickest solution to all your problems. Once you stop caring about every little thing that goes on around you; you actually allow yourself to become an individual that can contribute.

Part of the problem with people nowadays is their need to appease, impress, ¬†and garner the respect of their peers. Well this is a surefire way to killing yourself. We are all narcissistic animals, we love to flaunt, show off. But we must be able to turn this on and off. Being on “Narcissist Mode” twenty four seven is tiring and it drains you of the much needed WILL that can be best delegated to other ventures.

Being Apathetic is never easy, but you must give it a shot.


Stop being so charitable and become more of a casual benefactor. Become an individual who can help because you have helped yourself to the best of your ability. Help once you know for sure that everything from the inside is sound. You don’t need charity work to complete you, to identify you. You’re charitable because you can. The reason you do it is for enriching the lives of others.

By not being charitable, you dedicate that you will always help yourself first and foremost. You will be the best possible version of yourself that you can present people. People don’t want another weakling helping them. That totally defeats the purpose of them looking at you for a glimmer of hope.


Don’t Speak, Just Do! This is a mantra I live. By living with this mantra you allow yourself to engage with your environment. One should never be afraid of their surroundings. Nature designed us to interact with it, may it be walking, running, gardening, logging, air polluting. The relationship with our world is key. You will find that this will greatly help you with your relationship with people.

The more you become an individual of action, the happier, the healthier you make yourself therefore being able to lend yourself to more possibilities. Both Good and Bad unfortunately. Hey, you get to have opportunities for amazing tales at the bar or the coffee table.


Leave the tech alone when around people. While engaging with people or your surrounding, you must give it/them your utmost attention. Being in the moment is what most of us ask of our peers. Nothing more. It’s one of the simplest advice you can give to someone and one of the most important. By being in the moment you allows yourself to engage with nature, another soul, and most importantly you.

There you have it folks. I am hoping that this will help some of you.